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IRC Youth Softball

IRC Youth Softball

Girls' ages are determined as of January 1st of the current year.

Registrations run from March 15th-April 15th.

Teams will be picked in early May.

The regular season begins after Memorial Day.


Blastball is a game designed for 4 year old boys and girls to introduce the fundamentals of baseball and softball.  There are no formal fielding positions, players do not use gloves.  A foam bat and ball are used for the players safety and a honking first base.
Fee: $30 per player

Girls T-Ball

Ages: 5-6 years old
Fee: $30 per player

Rookie Girls (Machine Pitch)

Ages: 7-8 years old
Fee: $30 per player

Junior Girls

Ages: 9-10 years old
Fee: $30 per player

Senior Girls

Ages: 11-12 years old
Fee: $30 per player

Varsity Girls

Ages: 13-16 years old
Fee: $30 per player

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Phone: (620) 331-0260

Fax: (620) 331-3495

Office Hours: 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri

ARCO Sports Complex

Location:  800 South 10th ST

Sports:  Baseball and Softball

Emerson Field- Junior Babe Ruth

Volunteer Field- Varsity & Senior Girls Softball

Sports Complex

Location:  910 North Park

Sports:  Baseball,Softball, Flag Football, & Buddyball

Jaycee Field- Boys T-Ball & Rookie Boys

Clark James Field- Cal Ripken Minor & Major

Bicentennial Field- Rookie Girls & Junior Girls

Hugo Field- Blastball & Girls T-Ball

Sinclair Field- Slow-Pitch Softball


Softball Game Schedules

Blastball, Girls T-Ball, Rookie Girls, Junior Girls, Senior Girls, Varsity Girls.

Softball League Standings

Junior Girls, Senior Girls, Varsity Girls.