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IRC Adult Volleyball

IRC Women's Volleyball League 2018

League Standings
Pos. Women's Volleyball League
Each team plays 30 games (10 matches)
GP W L Pct. GB
1 B&L Trenching 12 12 0 1.000 -
2 Diggin' It 18 15 3 .833 0
3 4 State Cryogenics 12 10 2 .833 2
3 Two Bump Chumps 12 10 2 .833 2
5 Strickland Masonry 12 5 7 .417 7
6 Cessna 15 6 9 .400
6 CMC Recycling 15 6 9 .400
8 Beurskens Family Dentistry 18 7 11 .389 8
9 Labette Health/Cornerpost 9 3 6 .333
10 Served Hot 15 3 12 .200 10½
11 Best Beverage 18 1 17 .056 14

League Tournament (Single Elimination)
Seedings based on regular season standings. Begins Wednesday, March 7th.

League Practice Games
1:30pm- B&L Trenching vs. Two Bump Chumps   
2:15pm- B&L Trenching vs. Diggin' It
3:00pm- 4 State Cryogenics vs. Strickland Masonry
3:45pm- Labette Health/Cornerpost vs. Served Hot
4:30pm- Beurskens Family Dentistry vs. Cessna
5:15pm- Best Beverage vs. CMC Recycling

Women's Volleyball League 2018

4 State Cryogenics- Shannon Bryant
B & L Trenching- Amanda Rains
Best Beverage- Lindsay Shaw
Beurskens Family Dentistry- Stephanie Beurskens
Cessna- Vanessa Clarke
CMC Recycling- Valerie Smith
Diggin' It- Theresa Cameron
Labette Health/Cornerpost- Kelsie Meier
Served Hot- Alex Dressler
Strickland Masonry- Aimee Strickland
Two Bump Chumps- Jennifer Booth

Wednesday 24-Jan-18 Ash Center Gym
6:00pm Served Hot 0-3 CMC Recycling
6:45pm Diggin' It 2-1 CMC Recycling
7:30pm Diggin' It 3-0 Beurskens Family Dentistry
8:15pm Best Beverage 0-3 Beurskens Family Dentistry

Sunday 28-Jan-18 Ash Center Gym
3:00pm B & L Trenching 3-0 CMC Recycling
3:45pm Beurskens Family Dentistry 0-3 B & L Trenching
4:30pm Strickland Masonry 1-2 4 State Cryogenics
5:15pm 4 State Cryogenics 2-1 Two Bump Chumps
6:00pm Two Bump Chumps 3-0 Cessna
6:45pm Cessna 2-1 Best Beverage
7:30pm Served Hot 3-0 Best Beverage

Wednesday 31-Jan-18 Ash Center Gym
6:00pm Labette Health/Cornerpost 0-3 Diggin' It
6:45pm Served Hot 0-3 Diggin' It
7:30pm Best Beverage 0-3 4 State Cryogenics
8:15pm CMC Recycling 0-3 4 State Cryogenics

Wednesday 07-Feb-18 Ash Center Gym
6:00pm Beurskens Family Dentistry 0-3 Labette Health/Cornerpost
6:45pm CMC Recycling 2-1 Beurskens Family Dentistry
7:30pm Cessna 1-2 Diggin' It
8:15pm Diggin' It 2-1 Strickland Masonry

Sunday 11-Feb-18 Ash Center Gym
3:00pm Labette Health/Cornerpost 0-3 B & L Trenching
3:45pm B & L Trenching 3-0 Cessna
4:30pm Cessna 3-0 Strickland Masonry
5:15pm Best Beverage 0-3 Strickland Masonry
6:00pm Two Bump Chumps 3-0 Best Beverage
6:45pm Two Bump Chumps (forfeit win) 3-0 Served Hot (forfeit loss)
7:30pm Beurskens Family Dentistry (forfeit win) 3-0 Served Hot (forfeit loss)

Sunday 18-Feb-18 Ash Center Gym
3:00pm Two Bump Chumps vs CMC Recycling
3:45pm CMC Recycling vs Strickland Masonry
4:30pm Strickland Masonry vs B & L Trenching
5:15pm B & L Trenching vs Served Hot
6:00pm Labette Health/Cornerpost vs Served Hot
6:45pm Labette Health/Cornerpost vs Cessna
7:30pm Beurskens Family Dentistry vs Cessna

Wednesday 21-Feb-18 Ash Center Gym
6:00pm Strickland Masonry vs Labette Health/Cornerpost
6:45pm 4 State Cryogenics vs Labette Health/Cornerpost
7:30pm Diggin' It vs 4 State Cryogenics
8:15pm Diggin' It vs Best Beverage

Sunday 25-Feb-18 Ash Center Gym
3:00pm Strickland Masonry vs Two Bump Chumps
3:45pm Labette Health/Cornerpost vs Two Bump Chumps
4:30pm CMC Recycling vs Labette Health/Cornerpost
5:15pm Cessna vs CMC Recycling
6:00pm 4 State Cryogenics vs Beurskens Family Dentistry
6:45pm 4 State Cryogenics vs B & L Trenching
7:30pm Best Beverage vs B & L Trenching

Wednesday 28-Feb-18 Ash Center Gym
6:00pm Cessna vs Served Hot
6:45pm CMC Recycling vs Best Beverage
7:30pm Two Bump Chumps vs Diggin' It
8:15pm Strickland Masonry vs Beurskens Family Dentistry

Sunday 04-Mar-18 Ash Center Gym
3:00pm B & L Trenching vs Diggin' It
3:45pm B & L Trenching vs Two Bump Chumps
4:30pm Beurskens Family Dentistry vs Two Bump Chumps
5:15pm Best Beverage vs Labette Health/Cornerpost
6:00pm 4 State Cryogenics vs Cessna
6:45pm Served Hot vs 4 State Cryogenics
7:30pm Served Hot vs Strickland Masonry

Women's Volleyball League Tournament

Wednesday 07-Mar-18 Ash Center Gym
6:00pm Gm1- #8 vs #9
6:45pm Gm2- #7 vs #10
7:30pm Gm3- #6 vs #11
8:15pm Gm4- #4 vs #5

Sunday 11-Mar-18 Ash Center Gym
3:00pm Gm5- #1 vs W1
3:45pm Gm6- #2 vs W2
4:30pm Gm7- #3 vs W3
5:15pm SF1- W5 vs W4
6:00pm SF2- W6 vs W7
6:45pm Championship Match- WSF1 vs. WSF2

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