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Independence Recreation Commission Board Minutes



Monthly Meeting August 16, 2017

Ash Youth Center

1501 N. 10th

MEMBERS PRESENT:                                                             OTHERS PRESENT:

        Christy Mavers                                                                                                      Brent Julian

        Tony Turner                                                                                                           Lori Bromley

        Ron Goins                                                                                                               Nick McBride

                                                                                                                                            Jim Butts

                                                                                                                                            Galen Palmer



Christy Mavers opened the commission meeting at 11:30 a.m.



The agenda was amended to add C. Credit Card Services at RBFAC to III.  Business/Finance. Tony Turner moved to approve the agenda as amended.  Ron Goins seconded.    Motion carried 3-0.

Ron Goins moved to approve the board minutes from the July 19, 2017 board meeting.   Tony Turner seconded.  Motion carried 3-0. 


Ron Goins moved to approve the August 2017 bills and checks for payment as presented.  Tony Turner seconded.  Motion carried 3-0.

Treasurer’s Report

Galen Palmer reported the following bank balances as of July 31, 2017:  First Oak Bank – Checking:  $75,380.37; First Oak Bank – Petty Cash:  $500.00; and Equity Bank – Savings:  $249,658.44.  Ron Goins moved to approve the treasurer’s report as presented.  Tony Turner seconded.  Motion carried 3-0.


Maintenance Report

Jim Butts answered any questions the board had on the maintenance report.  Jim informed the board members that his summer help is now gone for the season and he’s back on his own.  Christy Mavers asked about seating at the soccer complex and Jim stated the bleachers were fixed and the driveway was also improved and ready to go.


Programs Report

Nick McBride answered any questions the board had on the programs report.  Nick went over the fall sports numbers and discussed the SEK All-star tournaments.  Ron asked him about coaches and Nick stated he is still looking for one coach for varsity soccer.


Director’s Report

IRC Director, Brent Julian, answered any questions the board had on the director/aquatics report.  Brent discussed the upcoming audit the week on August 28th.  There was a discussion on the upcoming pool meeting with city officials, Brent informed the board that the financial numbers should be ready by the end of September to see where things stand at Riverside Beach.  Brent discussed the money that was saved by closing a week earlier this summer and the fact most guards left for school and the weather was fairly poor for this time of year.  The board held a discussion on indoor pool maintenance.


Facility Maintenance

Brent informed the board on maintenance going on at Emerson ball field.  Brent stated IRC paid $800 for chat and the college is responsible for doing the actual maintenance to the field.  Brent stated that DNS out of Texas did the inspection on the pool slides that the state now requires.  The inspection went well, they did recommend a few nuts and bolts be replaced and that a daily checklist be used, also locks be installed on all slide gates, other than that things looked good.  Brent stated that a slide inspection will probably happen every year.  The board discussed options to improve the restrooms at the Arco Complex next year.  Brent would like to talk to TLC to see what they would charge to fertilize all the fields year round, as he was impressed with the job they did on the ball fields this summer.

Ash Center Maintenance

Brent gave an update on the indoor pool filters that were ordered and stated it will be approximately twelve weeks before they are ready and once installation begins, the pool could be closed up to two weeks.  Brent stated they are preparing for the installation process by mid November.  Brent informed the board that the large TV in the commons area stopped working a few weeks ago so he is looking for a new one.  Brent stated the last few smaller TV’s IRC purchased were from Schabel’s TV and they were fine, but nothing fancy and fairly expensive so may just go through Wal-Mart for this one.  Christy asked about new games for the game room and Brent stated we have tried to get a hold of the owner several times but he will not return a call so he assumes he is not interested and another option needs to be found.

Credit Card Services for RBFAC

Brent informed the commission that in the past Riverside Beach Aquatic Center has accepted personal checks, however, every summer at least one or two bad checks are written and the money is usually never recovered.  Brent asked the board their thoughts on getting a credit card machine, stating his main concern would be the transaction and convenience fees the credit card companies charge for such services.  Christy recommended checking with Pay Square for information and also stated that she would have the third party vendor they use at First Oak Bank call IRC office manager for more information and a possible quote.  Brent stated that he most likely would just recommend Riverside Beach have a no check policy since it is only opened three months each year, and it may not be cost effective to pay fees on a credit card machine. 

Executive Session


There was no executive session


Items from the Commission

Christy Mavers * did not see current board minutes on the IRC website lately so something to check on and she will not be at the Sept. 20th meeting.




Agreement for Action on Items from the Commission

No Agreement for action on Items.




The meeting adjourned at 12:25 p.m.



Respectfully Submitted,


Tony Turner



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Professional Staff

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Lori Bromley Office
Nick McBride Director of Sports
Simon Heckman Program
Jim Butts Maintenance Supervisor
Paula Ballew Maintenance

IRC Board Members

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Ron Goins Vice-Chairperson
Tony Turner Secretary
Tony Holmes Member
Danny Johnston Member

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